Lil Wayne Inducts T-Pain In Young Money With Chain [Video]

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Young Money leader Lil Wayne will take his relationship with T-Pain to the next level by officially inducting the rapper/singer into his Young Money camp.

Based on footage from Wayne’s personal jeweler, Pain’s induction chain has purple and black rubies forming the Young Money logo.

“This is the new Nappy Boy/Young Money piece,” Young Money jeweler Gabrielle revealed in a video with DJ Vlad.

“This is the first exclusive right here. T-Pain is about to sign to Young Money. He better, after doing this. So you see it’s all blacked out. It’s all natural, red rubies, black diamonds. We gotta put a red ruby necklace on this thing — We started this whole thing. It doesn’t mean you have to get black diamonds — [Here’s] the Nappy Boy logo right there…On the back, I’m going to do Pain’s progress to Young Money. It’s like a portrait that I can laser inscribe to the jewelry. It’s gonna be sick.”

Earlier this year, Pain recruited Wayne to appear on his Cartoon Network animated special, “Freaknik.”

Several other rappers made appearance in the cartoon.

Peep the video below