Gyptian “Hold Yuh” The Most Complain About Song In Jamaica

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Reggae star Gyptian recieved many awards in 2010 and his career is booming, but the latest release from Broadcast Commission of Jamaica shows that Gypo also got many bashing.

According to a release from the Commission, Gyptian hit single Hold Yuh, which will be features in Urban Islandz upcoming top 10 songs of the year list, got the most complains.

Data shows that “Hoold Yuh” got 15 per cent of the 27 complaints in June of last year alone.

The Broadcast Commission of Jamaica regulates broadcast media and cable, inlcuding radio airplays. The commission last month release its data for the April to June 2010 quarter, which shows Gyptian and Ragashanti garnering a large number of complains.

The question is why Gyptian Hold Yuh angered so many listeners?

Take a peek at the some of the lyrics from Hold Yuh.

Gyal me wann fi hold yuhhh put me arms right arounddd ya
Gyal you give me the tightest hold me eva get ina my life

Gyal me wann fi just squeeze yahh put me ting right around ya
Gyal you give me tightest hold me eva get inna mi life ohhhh

Mi eye dem dry and me nuh care
Mi tek it anytime, anywhere
Inna de spare
So we nuh care
And as a woman I will be dere

Mi want ah gyal who take care of me,
Me want ah gyal who cyan wine pon me
Wid it gooddd
And mek mi feel itt
Show me that you could girl

Listen to Hold Yuh below.

Hold Yuh propelled Gyptian into the mainstream of music last year, with the song hitting the Billboard hot 100 charts. The single is still charting on iTunes top-10 reggae singles charts. It is No 3 in France, No 3 in Canada, No 4 in Denmark, No 8 in Switzerland and holds the ninth spot in the US.

In October, Gyptian won the MOBO Award, in Britain, for Best Reggae Act. In November he won the Soul Train Music Awards for Best Reggae Act.

Do you think Gyptian Hold Yuh is unfit for radio airplay?

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