Rumor: Sting Promoters Shaft Bounty Killer

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Since Monday, there has been growing speculations why dancehall general Bounty Killer did not perform at Sting.

Bounty Killer, who was present at Jamworld on Sunday, opt to leave without performing. Bounty Killer has been tight lipped on the fail performance since the incident. It is alleged that Sting promoters breach their contract with Killer, whose real name is Rodney Pryce.

Urban Islandz sources inside the Alliance confirmed the rumors of a breach contract with Bounty Killer.

According to our reliable source, “Sting promoters didn’t give Killer a deposit agreed upon prior to the show on Boxing day.”

“Killer arrived at the show with every intentions to perform, because fans was expecting Killer to take the show, but from what I understand Laing was giving Killer a run around and want the man to perform even without as much as a deposit,” the source added.

Since the incident Bounty Killer’s representatives Solid Agency promise to issue a statement.

Peep the 1993 Clash between Bounty Killer and Beenie Man below.

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