Sizzla Kalonji Ruled Sting 2010, Lady Saw Delivered

Not even the power performance from reggae veteran Sizzla Kalonji could not save Sting from one of it’s worse years in its history.

This year staging of the popular one night reggae show was marred by controversy long before the big night December 26th at Jamworld Portmore. Fans started backing out after learning that there will be no Gully / Gaza presence at the show. Despite a plea from promoter Laing backed by dancehall heavy weight Bounty Killer. Vybz Kartel, Mavado along with their fans did not show up for the show.

Nevertheless, the show must go on and so it did, although way below par. The highest point of the night was an unexpected delivery from none other than the man Sizzla Kalonji himself. In fact Kalonji’s performance was so greater that it stood tall above all the other hundred and forty artists put together. Anywhere Sizzla shows are you can count on it, I will be there. Not to discount the other artist’s performances, it’s just that Sizzla was just too great.

The artist who second Sizzla is the dancehall don diva herself Lady Saw. We have to give it to Lady Saw who made a huge comeback after her 7 years absent from Sting. Saw did her homework and she gave fans a well put together set.

Other artists who delivered reasonable sets are I-Octane, Khago, Etana and some surprising performances from Food Kartel, Apache and Tanto Blacks. Food Kartel had the crowd laughing to the ground for a moment. I-Octane performance was satisfying, but Sizzla’s set drown it completely. We still have to give it up to Octane for a good performance, although not his best.

Gyptian, who ruled the 2010 dancehall scene, delivered somewhat of a disappointing set. Maybe Gypo was tired from a hugely successful year of touring. For a brief moment the Hold Yuh singer got some boos from the tough Sting crowd, but he did his thing and go home.

Lisa Hyper perhaps delivered the most disappointing set of the night, but it was not as disappointing as the issue with Bounty Killer not performing. There are some rumors that Killer did not perform because Laing did not pay him some outstanding balance. Whatever the reason is, fans were looking forward to see Killer in action. In the end you cannot beat down Killer for not performing because there must be a good reason why he was so heated.

There were some rumors of a clash between Aidonia and Kiprich that did not materialize. According to words reaching Urban Islandz ears, there were some negotiations for a surprise clash between the two, but Aidonia backed out in the end.

An overall rating for Sting 2010 is 5 out of 10. There was some good performances and many poor ones. Laing should give Sizzla and Lady Saw a bonus for helping him hold on to what’s left of Sting image in dancehall. The crowd was not big, but not as small as some puts it. It was roughly 70% of last year’s crowd.

Towards the end it was somewhat chaotic and disorganized. We expect better than that from a show as big as Sting. But let’s hope Supreme Promotions do its homework next year.

Fans were visibly disappointed, with some saying that this is their last year going to Sting. But we all know in a year time the dancehall environment will be different, and let’s hope the promoters will adjust to the change in environment.

We missed Ninjaman also.

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  1. @Bindz

    agree the best review i’ve read so far. most of what is said here i heard from people who went there. Sizzla is a good performer so am not surprise he took it.

  2. the best commentary i’ve read all day. i wasn’t there and could not find a decent review. you guys is the best with dancehall news.