Assassin Called Out Grenada Churches On Protest

Churches on the island of Grenada recently came out in full protest against a performance by dancehall deejay Assassin.

Assassin, who is also known as Agent Sasco, have since address the protest, saying its baseless and purely base on the name Assassin.

“I don’t think they took any time to see what my work is about. My last number one in Grenada was Almighty Protect, so it’s ironic that the church would be carrying out a campaign based on a name. It is unfortunate that this is how the church go about dem ting.” (THE STAR)

Last week the Grenada Conference of Churches issued a statement that their island’s Christian heritage was under attack from foreign artistes.

“Our heritage is under attack by mega-shows such as the one advertised for Christmas Eve in the National Stadium.”

The statement said that it is regrettable that shows by foreign artistes, who promote culture contrary to their Christian values, are being held in what is a ‘silent night’ and a ‘holy night’. The Conference of Churches urged persons to celebrate Christmas in ways consistent with Christian values and not bow to other pressures.

Meanwhile, Assassin said he was still baffled by their protest.

“Dem preach reason and not to be judgmental but that is what they are doing here. It’s a narrow-minded approach and it was surprising to me,” he said.

Despite protests from the church the show is still schedule to take place on December 23rd and will also feature Beenie Man, Mr Vegas and Assassin among other acts from Grenada.

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