Dancer Mundo Ravers Need Your Help

Jamaican base Ravers Clavers dancer Mundo Ravers is in need of all the help he can get to save his life.

Mundo Ravers, whose real name is Ricardo Gordon, is suffering from a Kidney condition and will need to undergo a Kidney transplant surgery to save his life.

Popular dancer Ricardo ‘Mundo Ravers’ Gordon, from the Nannyville-based Ravers Clavers, is still well short of the funds to do a much-needed kidney transplant.

According to Jamaica Star, the popular dancer said he discovered the illness approximately 3 years ago.

“Mi discover it in 2007, but mi neva know exactly what it was at the time and mi neva think it that serious. Mi even go a doctor one time because mi ankle dem did swell up and him tell mi seh a bone infection. How mi find out a when mi guh one a my long-time doctor weh come from Nannyville an him do some tests and tell mi seh a kidney failure and sugar problem.”

Mundo is now in New York awaiting the life saving transplant but cannot afford the expense of US$250,000.

He told THE WEEKEND STAR that the surgery to replace both kidneys and the medication treatment will cost US$250,000, (J$21million).

Since finding out about the surgery, Mundo, his family and the Ravers crew have been trying to raise the money. The Ravers Crew has been spotted at various events appealing for persons to donate to Mundo. Before leaving for New York, Mundo had told THE WEEKEND STAR that he was very thankful to members of the entertainment industry, as he said they have been very helpful, assisting him a lot. He mentioned Sharon Burke, Bounty Killer, Serani, Beenie Man, Mavado, Timberlee and the Ravers Clavers among those who have come to his aid. “Sharon and Solid Agency kept a fish fry for mi in Nannyville the other day, Bounty ago donate the proceeds a one a di Bounty Sundays to mi and yuh dun know Ravers Clavers family deh deh fi mi from morning,” he said.

Do go support the Ravers Clavers dancers at any of their fund raising campaign to help Mundo Ravers.

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