Hip Hop News Bits: 50 Cent Invests In 3D Sunglasses, Dr Dre Partner With Zynga, Diddy Teamed With Microsoft

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G-Unit boss 50 Cent has taken his business venturing to the next level with his investment into a new 3-D glasses company called Gunnar Optiks.

Much as he did with Vitaminwater, 50 is investing in and consulting for a company called Gunnar Optiks, which makes “lenses optimized for a sharper digital viewing experience,” including a pair for 3-D TV viewing.

Ever since 50 made a reported $100 million off his dealings with Vitaminwater, Vulture has been extremely confident in the ostensible rapper’s business acumen (in a manner inversely proportional to our enjoyment of his music), so let’s go ahead and assume this reasonable-sounding Gunnar thing will work out.

Dr Dre Partner With Zynga.

Social gaming company, Zynga will create its first partnership with Dr. Dre by streaming his new single “Kush” within the game “Mafia Wars.” In addition to promoting Dre’s first solo single in nearly a decade, “Mafia Wars” will feature a “Hustlin’ Wit Dre” segment and allow users to purchase virtual goods such as headphones, vintage cars and weapons.

“We’re always looking for innovative and interesting ways for fans to discover great music and with an artist of Dre’s cultural significance we really wanted something special that’s never been done before,” Interscope Geffen and A&M Records Chairman Jimmy Iovine said, via written statement. “We felt it was a perfect fit for Dre to be the first musical experience for the millions of Mafia Wars players to enjoy while gaming.”

Diddy Teamed With Microsoft

Diddy is also promoting a new partnership he has with Microsoft Tag. For twelve days, Diddy has promised to Tweet information to fans. This will provide exclusive content from Last Train but it may also include information about helping a charity. For more, visit