Marley Imprint, Ghetto Youths International Signs Christopher Ellis

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Five-time Grammy Award winning producer, singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist, Stephen Marley along-side his brothers Damian Marley and Julian Marley are proud to announce the signing of reggae music singing sensation Christopher Ellis to the growing roster of musical talent featured on the Marley brothers record label imprint , Ghetto Youths International, Inc.

Christopher Lamour Ellis was born the youngest male progeny to “The Godfather of Jamaican Rocksteady”, the late Alton Ellis. Talented in his own right, the soulful , London born 28 year-old roots reggae, r&b crooner has been astounding audiences with his incredibly natural, smooth vocal stylings since the age of 11.

In 2009, a mutual friend introduced Stephen Marley to Christopher Ellis in Jamaica. During that fateful meeting on Hope Road, Christopher sang A Capella for the iconic reggae producer. Coincidentally, the very same day that Stephen Marley met with Christopher Ellis, Marley was also contacted by producer Baby G, son of the legendary producer King Jammy, who had a remix track by Alton Ellis that he wanted Stephen to hear. Stephen listened to the Alton Ellis remix and immediately invited Christopher Ellis to join him at King Jammy’s studio in Jamaica to sing on the track. The session resulted in Marley recording Christopher Ellis’ first single entitled, ‘End of Time’, produced by Baby G. ‘End of Time’ is a moving, soul-stirring track featuring beautiful vocal works by Christopher Ellis , Stephen Marley and Jah Cure, and is inspired by Alton Ellis’ rendition of ‘You Made Me So Happy’.

The magnificent opportunity of working with Stephen Marley and the Marley Family has continued in 2010 in Miami where Christopher Ellis has spent quality time working in the studio on material that is being helmed and produced by the mega-producer.

“I feel so incredibly Blessed to be working on my debut album with Stephen Marley for the Ghetto Youths Records family.” comments Ellis.

To date, Stephen Marley has executive produced and recorded two singles for Ellis, including the aforementioned ‘End of Time’ and a rendition of Alton Ellis’ song entitled, ‘Willow Tree’, a sweetly seductive lover’s ballad that showcases Christopher Ellis’ versatile musicality. ‘End of Time’ has an anticipated release, while a ballad version and a reggae version of Ellis’ ‘Willow Tree’ is available now on iTunes. Later this year, a video launch accompanying Ellis’ ‘Willow Tree’ single will mark Christopher Ellis’ international debut, including in the territories of London, Jamaica and the United States.

Stephen Marley has been the driving creative force behind Ghetto Youths International, Inc. and the music created by his brothers for the family owned label. Stephen’s production, performance and writing credits have earned him more Grammy Awards than any other Marley family member or reggae artist in history. Blazing his own trail in the music world, combining reggae, hip-hop, and r&b styles to create his sound as a performer, songwriter, and producer, the accomplished Stephen Marley is known to take on more of the behind-the-scenes roll.

Stephen Marley comments, “I don’t want to be just another artist, I want to make a statement, and I want to continue this musical legacy with my family. Just like my brothers, I aspire to be a reckoning force, when you hear my name, when you hear the Ghetto Youths name, you know the quality that comes with that: good music, good message, and good vibe.”

Ghetto Youths International was founded by Ziggy Marley and Stephen Marley in 1989. In 2002, Stephen Marley, Damian Marley and Julian Marley went on to incorporate the family owned record label. Recent projects released by the premiere, reggae and hip-hop oriented imprint include the Grammy award winning and nominated albums by Damian Marley Welcome To Jamrock, Stephen Marley’s Mind Control and Julian Marley’s Awake. A catalogue of reggae and hip-hop influenced artists signed to the Ghetto Youths record label include: Stephen Marley, Damian “Jr. Gong” Marley, Julian Marley, Mr. Cheeks, Illestr8, Christopher Ellis, Johnathon Malcolm, Javaughn, Black Am I , Daniel Bambaata, and Jo Mersa.