Nicki Minaj Biggest Hater Surface, Mowett Ryder’s “Kill Barbie” [Video]

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They say with success comes heartache, and Nicki Minaj is surely enduring much of it of late.

But if you think Lil Kim and Khia are Nicki Minaj’s biggest haters, think again. A new female rapper name Mowett Ryder surfaced last week with a video called Operation Kill Barbie.

Peep video below

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    This bi— looks like a ni–a with face injections smh bi— get yo ugly a$$ outta here

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    ha ha ha really though, mowett just looking for more popularity, i starred in her latest film, smh shawty need a hug or something… #noLife how do you beef with the hottest rapper in the game?? @nickiminaj takin the world by storm, i #salute her greatly

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    Mowett Ryder is definitely not a new rapper. Been in the game for years. I knew about her way before I ever heard of Nicki Minaj.

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    DAMN dis b*tch look like a dude…yew real corny yo