Mavado Birthday Bash For Tomorrow Cancelled

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Dancehall deejay Mavado has cancelled his highly anticipated birthday bash “LIME Real McKoy” for tomorrow (Dec 4th) at the Coruba Beach Club.

Mavado said in a statement that they got permit from the authorities over a month ago, but later got it revoked.

“We received a police permit on October 20 for the original venue, Coruba Beach Club, but were shocked to receive another letter from the same branch of the JCF revoking that permit just last week.”

The promoters also stress that Mavado suffered a huge financial loss as a result of the development. But what surprise them most is that at least three events have been held at that same venue since they got their permit revoked. The deejay states that while his team is not surprised that their event has been targeted, “It’s still a bitter pill”.

Mavado, via the statement, also said that alternative venues were sought, but the logistics were just too much to take on at the last minute, therefore the decision was taken to pull the plug on the event for 2010.

Mavado says he is aware that there are many disappointed fans who had planned to attend, and the deejay says he shares their disappointment.

Do you think Mavado is being targeted by the Jamaican police?

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