More On The Bambi And Nicki Minaj Beef [Video]

One of Urban Islandz readers send us the below video of a suppose battle of Nicki Minaj and Bambi.

While we endorse lyrical contest, we don’t support beefs like these sorts. And by that we mean a beef that will do more harm than good. These Sh*t are just set backs and distractions. Why the few female emcees and deejays in the game have to be beefing, while the niccas them busy making their empires.

To make matters worse these two female is repping the Caribbean. We would rather hear some classic collaboration, rather than words hurling at each other. Useless beef if you ask us.

Pre video below and let us hear your thoughts in comments.


  1. this isn’t a battle. It’s a mashup of Nicki’s track on Ricki Blaze’s Hold Yuh Riddim w/ Bambi’s diss track over it. This is old news, but the question is where did this beef come from?