Shyne’s Unleashes Anger “Vented Over Poverty” [Video]

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Deported belizean rapper Shyne recently opened up about the anguish he experiences over the poverty-stricken people of Palestine.

Speaking on the inspiration for his new direction, Shyne vented his current frustrations.

“I am not rapping about Kadish or Shabbat shalom – that’s not the music I make. It’s really just a change in direction – the anger is still there, you dig? The outrage is sill there at the profanity and obscenity of poverty. I am still angry that people are suffering in Palestine, the people who aren’t terrorists. I am angry (Israeli soldier) Gilad Shalit is captive right now the way I was in captivity – but it’s just a different way to channel that anger.”

Earlier this month, Shyne revealed he lives in Israel and is living as an Orthodox Jew.

“All these rules, rules, rules,” the rapper said about the strict religious requirements. “But you know what you have if you don’t have rules? You end up with a bunch of pills in your stomach.”

Watch full length interview of Shyne by cnn