Gregory Isaacs Foundation In The Works

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Gregory Isaacs is gone but will never be forgotten. A foundation to assist charitable organisations is in the making in honour of late reggae crooner, Gregory Isaacs.

Isaacs widow June Isaacs last Friday handed over the offerings collected at the late reggae star funeral service on November 20, to the Walker’s Place of Safety for children in Jamaica.

The Cool Ruler got involved with this institution while he was alive to assist the children who have been indentified as being at risk. He was never one to brag about his good deeds, so his virtue for caring for the well being and advancement of the less fortunate, is not widely known.

The Walkers Place of Safety was founded in 1972 by the late Ivy Walker which serve as the home for orphans, abandoned and mentally challenged children. Isaacs been supporting the charitable organization some two decades now.

Weighing in on the development, Walkers Place of Safety manager Grace Allen said Isaacs will always be remembered at the organization.

“We remember Mr Isaacs because we talked about him all the while. We even let the children sing his songs in the mornings after devotion to cheer them up and things like that. So we will always remember him,” manager Grace Allen noted.

“I know he must be smiling right now to know that I am continuing this gesture, and I’ll keep it alive. My presence will be felt here as long as I am alive. He started it in the early 90s and I am going to continue this,” was the assurance given by Mrs Isaacs, while adding, “This is the total collection from the funeral service and I know he is glad to know that all of it has been donated to the Walker’s Place of Safety.” (Jamaica Observer)

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