Foxy Brown Turns Her Back In Booty Battle

Trinidad native rapper Foxy Brown has decided to take her chance in court by refusing to plea bargain.

Foxy Brown return to court over an alleged dispute with a Brooklyn neighbor that took place over the summer.

The hip-hop star, real name Inga Marchand, was arrested and charged with public lewdness and harassment after a run-in with Arlene Raymond in New York in July. Brown, who faces up to one year in jail if found guilty of violating the protection order, said after the hearing: “We will fight this.” A date for the trial has been set for February 2011.

By deciding not to cop a plea, Brown will be forced to return to court in early 2011.

In September, Brown pleaded her innocence in a New York courtroom. She could face up to one year in jail. Prosecutors say Brown violated the order in July by screaming at neighbor Arlene Raymond before bending over, baring her buttocks and showing her underwear while shouting an obscenity. The 31-year-old Brown was issued the order of protection after pleading guilty in 2008 to menacing Raymond with her cell phone.

Earlier this year, Brown had the rest of her charges dropped in a New York court. Afterward, she said she has had so much legal trouble recently because people are jealous of her. Brown, whose real name is Inga Marchand, was only indicted for allegedly violating a court order that barred her from contacting a neighbor. A grand jury failed to indict her on two felonies and three of four misdemeanors.

The rapper was in good spirits when she exited Brooklyn Supreme Court and spoke to reporters outside. “I always knew I was innocent. And this is all about jealousy,” she said, without elaborating.

Last month Urban Islandz told you that Foxy said she want to be an ambassador for youths in Trinidad and Tobago.

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