Biography: Ikay

Born Ricardo Theodore Mitchell on August 5th 1990 at the Port Antonio Public Hospital in Portland (Jamaica, W.I.) was a gifted toddler destined for greatness. At the tender age of five years old Ricardo and his family then moved to the parish of St. Elizabeth in search of a better life in which they resided in the Black River community where Ricardo adopted the alias Ikay.

Influenced by veteran rapper Nas and his revolutionary lyrics and also by his eloquence use of language, it was mandatory for Ikay to aspire to also become a great lyricist so he started studying the dictionary and reading a lot of theoretical books in order to establish a high standard of vocabulary content.

Growing up in a very socially and political failing society in which was plagued by poverty and violence, it was the norm for most adolescence to drop out of school at a early age and indulge in drug related activities but Ikay managed to complete high school and got all the qualifications to enroll in a college. In high school when he had no classes he skipped school to go hang out at the Outta Town Music Studio which was owned and operated by Dudley Eulitt also known as Bassie who eventually saw the potential in the young lyricist to become a record producer and then took him under his wings and taught him how to compose beats, engineer songs and he even taught Ikay the business aspects of the music industry.

In the summer of 2008 Ikay migrated to the United States where he then resided in Queens, New York and continued on his musical journey. A year later in the summer of 2009 Ikay then released his first mixtape titled “This Is My Life Volume 1”, this mixtape was hosted by Nu Jerzey Devil and consists of twenty two street prophetic tracks. Due to the success of that project Ikay gained a large fan base in the U.S and his tracks were now being played on various radio stations.

Ikay is currently working on his debut album titled “Family Ties” which he plans to release independently, Ikay is very ecstatic about this upcoming project as he strongly feels that this album is destined to take his career to the next level and solidify his name as one of the most prophetic lyricist in hip hop.