Etana Sold Out European Shows: See What Fans Are Saying

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Reggae star Etana, who is currently touring Europe, is selling out most of her shows on that continent.

Etana is well on her way to becoming a reggae legend, with her performances getting some rave reviews from fans. News coming into Urban Islandz is that many of the singer shows were full to capacity.

We take the opportunity to find out from our fans in Europe how they liking the shows, via twitter and facebook. These were some response.

“I love Etana Stong One she is the best.” (Twitter)

“One of the best Reggae performance i’ve been to to date, her voice is so unique. Definitely will go to more of her shows when I get back to Jamaica.” (Facebook)

“I travel from Fance to see her show in Italy and it was worth it, the audio could be better but the performance was awesome, the venue was packed.” (Facebook)

“Can’t wait for Etana to come back to Italy I need more.” (Twitter)

“Haven’t seen any of her shows yet, but am hoping to go to her show in Venice.” (Twitter)

That was a couple responses from upbeat Etana fans.

Etana will continue her sweep across Europe in major cities like Rome, Rimini, Venice, Linz, Vienna, Slovenia, Tirol, Bienne and Zurich.

The singer sophomore album Free Expressions is schedule to drop early 2011.

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