ANNOUNCEMENT: Urban Islandz Is Not affiliated With The Tuffchin.com

Since last weekend we have been getting several emails and queries from readers as to whether or not we are affiliated with another website the tuffchin.com

This announcement is to set the records straight that Urban Islandz is not affiliated with that website in anyway. We do not share content or ideas with them.

Since the launch of Urban Islandz over the summer, the person or persons behind that website Sean Coley, been copying contents from Urban Islandz and claiming ownership to those content that are protected under copyright laws. That is an issue we are addressing as we speak.

We have been getting several emails from fans of Urban Islandz that saw that website all of a sudden transformed to look almost exactly like Urban Islandz. It appears as if the minds behind that particular website found it in their best interest to emulate us to the extent they want to do everything exactly like Urban Islandz. It’s very flattering to see we have such devoted followers, but we are not amused.

Our legal counsel is already looking into the matter to determine where these persons may infringe on our copyright and trademark.

For the time being, we are letting readers know that we have no affiliation with that website or persons behind the operation of that site.

We want to thank our readers for making Urban Islandz.com the number 1 place for Caribbean influence entertainment. Without our loyal readers we couldn’t have surpass 100,000 unique visitors this month.

We also want to say thank you to all Caribbean artists, managers and publicist for choosing Urban Islandz as one of your media outfit. Through Urban Islandz you can continue to spread your brand across the globe to your fans.

Thank you all for your continued support.

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