Urban Islandz Retract Article Posted Oct 28 Re Beres Hammond

We at Urban Islandz wishes to retract an article posted on October 28 regarding fellow Reggae icon Beres Hammond.

The article with headline “Confirmed: Beres Hammond Suffering From Cancer” was done by one of our freelance journalists in Jamaica. The information received was believed to be from a credible source, which we did not confirm with Hammond nor his management prior to posting the article.

After speaking with Beres Hammond’s manager Mervis Walsh, the air was cleared. She informed us that Beres Hammond is in FACT not suffering from cancer and is in good health.

Urban Islandz want to use this opportunity to issue an apology to Mr. Hammond and his manager Ms Mervis Walsh for any inconvenience caused by the publication of the article.

Urban Islandz takes pride in making sure information reaching our ears are coming from credible sources. This was an error in judgment on our part in believing the source was who they said they are. We have since dismissed the reporter who wrote the article and distance ourselves from future article written by said reporter else where.

Beres Hammond upcoming shows

While speaking to Mr. Hammond manager Mervis Walsh, she told us Hammond is doing exceptionally well on the music scene and has been touring extensively this year. Hammond currently has upcoming show dates in Barbados and the United States.

Stay tune to Urban Islandz for more updates on Beres Hammond tour and music.

Signed: Management

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