Bounty Killer, Baby Cham And Dave Kelly Reunite For “Stronger”… Song Inside

Dancehall kingpins Bounty Killer and Baby Cham has apparently reunite for another dancehall mega hit.

A new track surfaced yesterday called “Stronger” which is a collaboration by Baby Cham, Bounty Killer and singer Mykal Rose. We at Urban Islandz things this song represent genuine dancehall from Cham and Bounty who is among our all time greatest dancehall deejays.

Baby Cham and Bounty Killer was close friends in the nineties but part ways over unknown disagreements. It is delightful to know Cham and Killer worked out their differences and are now working together again to produce mega hits like “Another Level.”

Source told Urban Islandz that Cham is also now officially a part of the Bounty Killer led Alliance.

The new track “Stronger” was produced by veteran dancehall producer Dave Kelly of Mad House productions.

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