Rihanna: “I Don’t Want To Look ‘Tough’ Anymore”… Pics Inside

Rihanna has insisted that she’s putting her “tough” image which she carried for her last album behind her.

The ‘Te Amo’ singer said that she’s moved on from that image which also included dark songs like ‘Russian Roulette’ accompanied with studded, leather clothing and lots of shoulder pads.

When talking about her image and her look that accompanied Rated R, RiRi said:

“It’s kind of like the closing to that chapter, and now we’re in a new stage.

“The whole shoulder pad thing, and the architectural look, is so sharp-edged and tough. I’m over that. I like floral prints now.”

Apparently RiRi is taking the advice of her label to soften her image and go try going back to the old school RiRi that her fans were familiar with.

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