Duane Stephenson Performs In Honour Of Hillary Clinton

VP Recording artist Duane Stephenson recently performed for United States Secretary of State, Hillary Rodham Clinton.

Stephenson was invited by the World Food Programme (WFP), for the event that took place at the George McGovern Leadership Award ceremony in Washington, DC.

Stephenson who is now in partnership with the WFP along with The Wailers said it was an honour to performed for the Secretary of State.

“The Wailers and I are partners with the World Food Programme. Our song A Step for Mankind has helped to spread the message of the need for more action in addressing the issue of world hunger. It’s so inspiring to be in the company of global politicians and dedicated corporate partners who share the same values and aspirations to eradicate hunger. Food is a common bond that unites every single life form on this planet, we all require it to live, yet a billion people each night go to bed hungry and 25,000 of them die. I was happy to be there to see Secretary Clinton get this award as she has fought for this issue for years now. Hunger affects a billion of our brothers, sisters and children in 80 countries. This award will bring added attention and raise awareness of the issue.” (Jamaica Observer)

Duane Stephenson recently released his new album “Black Gold.”

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