Vybz Kartel Creates More Controversy With New Song “Cake Soap”… Audio Inside

Last week Urban Islandz broke rumors of some allegations of a Vybz Kartel and Russian beef.

But this week the dancehall prodigy is in the news for a different reason.

Yesterday Kartel drop a new track called “Cake Soap” that has been creating much controversy and buzz in the dancehall community.

Most likely you have heard Vybz Kartel and Russian song “Jeans N Fitted.” In that song Kartel have an infamous line that said “cool like mi watch mi face with the cake soap.” Well that infamous line is now the theme for this new song “Cake Soap.”

We get it that Kartel has been coming under increase scrutiny for some bleaching allegations all around the dancehall Stratosphere and may need to serious address these allegations. But do you think Vybz address the situation the right way with this new song? Urban Islandz ask fans on twitter and facebook the question and these are some of the replies.

“Bleaching is acceptable in the gaza but not in dancehall, so a fi him business dat.” (twitter)

“A pure hypocrite in a dancehall cuz a nuff a dem bleach smartly, its juss that Kartel come out plain and straight wid it.” (facebook)

“Bleaching no right still inno, people fi be proud of dem blackness and him as an influencing figure should not be influencing di yute dem that way.” (twitter)

“Him a seh a cake coap mek him bleach out so but a lie, mi wash mi face wid cake soap and it only mek yo cool it no bleack out yo skin, so wha him a seh no mek sense juss come straight a seh yo use Nadinola.” (facebook)

“If Kartel waan bleach a fi him business all mi know him a di wickedest deejay inna dancehall right now, the most lyrical.” (twitter)

What do you think about the song “Cake Soap” and bleaching?… your comments below

Listen to the song here.


  1. kartel a di best so ek di man do him ting

  2. cool like wi wash wi face wid e cake soap gaza mi seh strate bleach if im waa a fi him skin ano fi uno (facebook)

  3. Right now mi naan support no bleaching ting… but the song bad as expected from Kartel