Hot Topic: Tony Rebel Settles Child Support Case For JM$88,000 Per Month

Jamaican reggae icon Tony Rebel settled his child support case for JM$88,000 a month.

Some of you may think “wow” that’s a lot for child support, but its for 5 children so break it down. For a couple months, Rebel been the talk of much gossip in the Reggae diaspora about his child support case. Some think the “Fresh Vegetable” singer should pay more and some thinks that what he is already paying is reasonable.

Reports are that Rebel Ex-Wife Alicia Lawson file a a case in the courts for an increase in child support from JM$88,000 to JM$128,000 per month. Last week a judge handed down a ruling that Rebel should pay JM$4400 per week for each child.

So we took to Facebook and Twitter to hear what fans have to say, and some think it’s reasonable and some thinks its not.

“Nosa dat too lickle bit for an entertainer who a mek million.” (twitter)

“Him should pay more still although music naan sell yah now.” (twitter)

“Most men in Jamaica not paying that, some not even making that much per week, but because he is an entertainer they charge him more, plus kids in Jamaica these days are expensive.” (facebook)

What do you think?… Should Rebel be charge more or that’s reasonable?

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