Future Fambo To Drop New Album and New Video

Comeback dancehall deejay Future Fambo formerly known as Future Trouble the Drunking Master it set to release an upcoming album along with some music videos.

Fambo who was featured on Beenie Man “Rum and Redbull” said he will be releasing a video for his song called “This Life” along with several other upcoming videos.

“I have a next video I’m doing wid Chevaughn that’s wid Notice Production called Hands Up and I got a next video coming up on Seanizzle Records, I’m Never Sober, so I guess I have a lot of projects. I’m also working on my album with Notice and Seanizzle and a couple tracks with Stephen McGregor and a couple tracks from Leftside. I also have Supa Hype on the album too. I’m working on my new project with my new artiste Pretti Kitti and she has a new track coming out called Gangsta Loving.”

We look forward to great things from Fambo.

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