Exclusive: Jamaican Tax Man Strike Again… Patrick Roberts BMW X5 Seize

Jamaican tax authority strike again another high profile dancehall personality and seized a more luxury vehicle.

Urban Islandz source confirmed that the Inland Revenue Department IRD armed with security personnel and a wrecker swoop down on the Head of Shocking Vibes Entertainment upscale residents in the Havendale community in St. Andrew, Jamaica.

We are told the department seized a BMW X5 believe to belong to Patrick Roberts who was not home at the time. Urban Islandz sources at the IRD told us Roberts owed several millions in unpaid taxes over the last 5 years. The source declined to gave us the figure.

“Dem people yah naan joke dem juss turn up a di man place and tek up di SUV and cut,” one source told Urban Islandz.

Over the summer dancehall deejay Bounty Killer and Elephant Man suffered similar faith as their vehicles were also seized by the tax authority.

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  1. dem tax people nah joke. but it waan look like a only entertainer dem a target wha happen to the heep a other people dem who naan pay tax. foolishness