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Rumor: Andrew Wada Blood And Bounty Beef About To Get Heated

Rumor in the dancehall stratosphere is that the beef between the Young Bloods and dancehall veteran Bounty Killer is about to get heated.

Just days after Bounty Killer allegedly beat his girlfriend with a chain and hammer, Andrew and Wada Blood released a diss track called “Di Hammer.” Although the duo claimed the new track is not aimed at Bounty, the masses think otherwise and rumors are beginning to mount of a war between them.

A reliable source close to the Alliance general told Urban Islandz that Killer has already penned a counteraction that will hit the streets soon.

“When mi hear di song mi immediately called Killer and ask him if him hear it, and him se no. So Mi link him soon after that and play it fi him and trust mi Killer se him a go right off dem Career,” the source told Urban Islandz.

“Killer a record one counteraction and mi a tell yo se it ago dun dem career,” the source further exclaimed.

Last month Bounty Killer and Junior (Andrew and Wada Blood Father) allegedly had altercation at a popular Weekly party in Kingston. Both artists flatly denied the rumors, but somehow the Young Bloods became embroiled in it.

Last week Urban Islandz also reported that former Portmore Empire dancehall artist Lisa Hyper is coming under pressure for a new controversial song called “Nuh Beat Up.” Allegations are that the artist is taking a swipe at Bounty, but Hyper denied the claim.

So it turns out that Killer has been receiving much attention since the alleged incident between him and his girlfriend.

Urban Islandz will continue to give you the full saga as they unfold.

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