Snoop Dogg Discuss Nicki Minaj’s Early Star Power, “She Was Liking Pimpin”

Veteran rapper Snoop Dogg recently shared his outlook on Young Money‘s Nicki Minaj and said he recognized the rapper’s potential well before her thrust into the spotlight.

“Oh, she getting money, sh*t. I ain’t no hater. She filling a lane that’s empty. There ain’t no female rappers that are appealing that can rap, that are connected to a real rap group or rap gang or what not. She doing her thang thang…Sometimes we may not understand it ’cause it may not be for you but at the same time that’s not to disencourage it. I like her. She get down, she fly, she look good, she got her thang together. I knew her before she became big or whatnot. She interviewed me a couple times…She interviewed me at a Lil Wayne concert once upon a time when I was backstage and she was on the incline and I know she was liking pimpin’ and whatnot but pimpin’ wasn’t on her like that. So I didn’t even play my cards like that. I kept my hands to myself.”

Snoop believes Minaj is bringing something new and fresh to hip-hop as a femcee.