Breaking: Jury Unable To Reach Verdict For Buju… Judge Reject Lawyer Motion For Mistrial

Moments ago the jury for Buju Banton cocaine trial told United States judge Jim Moody that theydid not reach a verdict.

According to the jury foreman, the jury which is now down to 12 members are split evenly on the fate of reggae superstar Buju Banton.

The foreman told Judge Moody, “I don’t know if we will get to a final decision. We don’t feel that we will progress, so could you provide further instructions? Since Thursday we have been reviewing evidence, nobody has changed their minds from their original positions.”

Buju lawyer Markus immediately file a motion for a mistrial which Judge Moody throws out and instructed the jury to continue deliberation.

Urban Islandz have more on this development coming up from our reps at the trial.