Olint’s David Smith Sentence To 6 YRS… Investors Outraged

So the judge handed down his judgment on the highly publicized case of former head of failed investment scheme David Smith yesterday.

Smith was sentence yesterday in the Turks and Caicos island to 6.5 years after pleading guilty to two counts of conspiracy to money laundering and two counts of conspiracy to the fraud in the Turks and Caicos Islands.

Apparently this development has not gone down well with investors of the failed scheme who lost millions of US dollars when the company went under. Urban Islandz spoke to an investor who said he is a part of a group of investors that are not amused by the light sentence and will be looking to take things further.

“We are outraged by the light sentence handed down by the judge, this man took away millions from investors and only walk away with 6 and half years behind bars, we need to see more than that,” the investor told Urban Islandz.

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