Rihanna Is Leaking… Def Jam Is Pissed About Who’s That Chick

Rihanna is in a much better place than she was when she recored Rated R, her new album’s going to be much happier becuase the Bajan beauty is much happier.

In the meantime, both Rihanna and her label Def Jam are a bit perturbed that Who’s That Chick leaked to the internet.

Saturday Rihanna tweeted “Who’s that Chick, is an online music video/commercial that we shot for Doritos and it got leaked………I don’t want u to get confused…doritos is in no way connected to LOUD.”

According to reports the song will not be included on her new album, ‘Loud’, when it hits stores on November 16th and Rihanna’s camp had this to say about the leak.

“It’s a leak. Def Jam is pulling it down as fast as possible. The song is not a single – for the clubs only. The album is still being put together — many songs in the mix. Can’t answer for sure if it is on the album.”

See video below