Recordings Crucial In Buju Banton Trial

Its Not An Easy Road for reggae icon Buju Banton, as the deeper we get into the trial is the harder it look.

Yesterday not only did US informant gave a damning testimony, but some crucial recordings was also played in the court.

Our source who attended yesterdays sitting, told Urban Islandz that when the recordings were being played it send a shock wave through the court that move even the judge. Because of legal reasons we are not able to play the tape for you but this is what Buju said:

“I am about making money, straight up” and “I have 15 children to send to school. It would be good to have our own contacts. I would like to start small with five keys as I don’t want to take any risks. There are a lot of snitches in the game.”

Gargamel trial continues today… stay tune for more updates.

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