Gregory Isaacs Not Dead Said Manager Copeland Forbes

Since the weekend the rumor mill has been in full swing that Reggae legend Gregory Isaacs passed away in London.

Urban Islandz is telling you today that those rumors are simply false, the cool ruler is very much alive according to his manager Copeland Forbes.

“I’ve been hearing the same thing also from all over the globe and I don’t know where all these information are coming from. I’ve received e-mails from quite a lot of promoters and well-wishers from all over the world who are very concerned. The facts are, he is in the UK doing some medical tests. As you all know, he had some problems with his legs from last year which resulted in cancellation of tours, and in the last 12 months he had a very hectic year travelling all over the globe doing performances.”

Last week Urban Islandz broke news that Gregory Isaacs is ill and is taking time off from his lengthy tour. Sources told that he has been undergoing several tests in the UK to determine the nature of his illness.

We will update you on that as soon as information becomes available.