Gregory Isaacs Seriously Ill According To Source

Some sad news reaching Urban Islandz is that reggae legend Gregory Isaacs is seriously ill and is taking time off from his current tour in Europe.

Last week news broke that the reggae icon¬† was ill but not serious according to his manager Copeland Forbes, “he’s not in a hospital he’s staying with Linda Smith (our United Kingdom management representative and promoter of the Reggae Symphony Concerts in the UK) who’s been taking good care of him as he’s taking a well deserved rest after a very hectic year of concert performances.”

But according to a source who is extremely close to the veteran singer, Isaacs done some tests and the results were not very encouraging. The source declined to divulge details on his illness but from what we gather Gregory may have some heart condition.

The source told Urban Islandz that for a while the singer been having some lingering chest pain that got worse recently.

“He has been having some chest pain for about a year now, and two weeks ago we had to rush him to the emergency room, but he is doing ok now,” the source said.

Urban Islandz wish the Cool Ruler a speedy recovery…. comment below your well wishes