Backwards: Wayne Marshall Under Fire For Vybz Kartel Truce

Last week Urban Islandz broke news that singjay Wayne Marshall and deejay Vybz Kartel put and end to their beef, or some would say malice because the beef was one sided.

Marshall said about the truce “we good, we put our differences behind us so whatever matters allowed our friendship to wither, we kinda drop all of that and we are being diplomatic about our linkage. It’s not like we are chummy. Our relationship precedes success. So it’s kinda like remembering where we are coming from as friends.”

But what Urban Islandz found to be backwards is the fact that Marshall is coming under criticism allegedly from members of the Alliance and other dancehall personalities. Sources told us that Marshall may suffer some fallout from within the Alliance because of this peace with the controversial deejay Vybz Kartel.

A supposedly beef developed between Marshall and Vybz after Vybz departed the Alliance and head for the Gaza. Vybz through a couple punches on a few tracks but never got a response from Marshall, which maybe the reason why Marshall is being criticised.

Irregardless, we at Urban Islandz believe dancehall music need more unity and less bad vibes. We believe the unity that came from the Bounty Beenie gestures during the summer is influencing several other artists to end their beef.

Do you think Marshall deserves to be criticised…? comment below


  1. not really, but i just dont think he should have.

  2. Marshall good man. no more beeef