Yendi Phillips On Capitol Punishment… Did It Cost Her The Miss Universe Crown?

In over a week since Jamaican Yendi Phillips came an inch away from taking the Miss Universe 2010 crown, Jamaicans home and abroad are still debating whether or not her answer the question on capitol punishment cost her the title.

Social media sites twitter and facebook is a buzz with debate as to whether or not Yendi answer to the very touchy question was the right one. But whether or not her answer was the best, the fact still remains she is the first runner up which is a huge achievement that we should embrace and congratulate her on.

One of the judges Tamron Hall who is MSNBC chairman asked her if the death penalty is acceptable and why?

Yendi response was that life is precious and only god should decide on that issue.

Some people is of the view that her answer is too god centered and should should have taken a more rounded approach. Urban Islandz agree that her answer could have been better, but we believe Yendi handle the question well by sharing her personal opinion. So it is not enough to say her answer cost her the crown, only the judges know why they choose Miss Mexico Jimena Navarrete over Yendi.