Confirmed: Popcaan And Entourage Arrested In Bahamas Over Airport Brawl… Charges Drop

A reliable source close to Portmore Empire confirmed rumors that has been mounting that Popcaan and two members of his entourage was arrested in the Bahamas on Monday upon arriving at the airport.

The source told us that one member of the entourage had a substance in his luggage that airport officials wanted to confiscate, which resulted in a heated argument. The substance or item is unknown but the source is speculating that it might be certain liquid that was not allowed to be carry on to aircraft.

The source told us that the argument gets heated where there was a standoff and subsequently the Bahamas police was called in where Deejay Popcaan and two members of his entourage was arrested and slap with charges. The artist spend three days in jail.

Other sources told us that the brawl was as a result of an argument between Popcaan entourage and an airline pilot. The source said the men prevented the pilot from entering the male bathroom in the waiting lounge as there we an alleged female in there. An argument allegedly developed and the pilot was allegedly assaulted.

Both Popcaan and the two members were today cleared of the charges when they appeared in court and are now back in Jamaica. We were unable to reach Popcaan for a comment on the matter.