Angelina Lewis Scandal On Facebook… Taking People Man

Upcoming dancehall artist Angelina Lewis was slandered last weekend on popular social media site Facebook. Last Friday a graphic image allegedly that of the artists/entrepreneur surface on a supposedly fake user profile.

The user profile bears the name Kasian Lee and using a picture of Beyonce, which the anonymous person have change several times. The image was also sent to Urban Islandz by an anonymous site user seeking to slander the artist, but we have since found out the picture is not the artist.

The anonymous person alleged that Angelina Lewis send the photo to her boyfriend and that she should cease and desist from doing so. But sources close to Angelina told us that someone is seeking to take revenge from some past issues with the artist.

“We don’t know yet its who doing this, but its obvious someone is just trying to destroy her reputation, dem jus badmind,” the source told us in a brief conversation.