Cat Fight… Nicki Minaj And Bar-bee At Odds Over Sean Kingston… Reason Inside

Last month we told you that rapper Nicki Minaj and reggae pop singers Sean Kingston and Bar-bee flew down to Jamaica in May to shoot the video for the collaboration “Letting Go (Dutty Love)” by Minaj And Kingston. It turns out that said video is causing some fallout between the two Barbies.

A source who is close to the production of the video told Urban Islandz that after the video was completely Nicki Minaj and her management team did not like it because singer Bar-bee stand out too much and may take the spot light off Nicki Minaj.

The source said Sean Kingston like the first version of the video but vote on the second one because he is trying to hook up with Nicki Minaj.

“She ( Nicki Minaj) was okay at first with Bar-bee being in the video, but after she saw the final video they protest to have her (Bar-bee) ousted from the final cut,” the source told us.

The source went on to tell us how furious Bar-bee was when she learned she was cut out of the video she spend so much time and effort to be in.

Urban Islandz haven’t seen the first version of the video but from what we heard from our source, Bar-bee was turning heads. We wonder whats going on in the Doc mind now that he hook up back with D’Angel.