Lil Wayne Refer To Nicki Minaj As His Future Wife

Young Money boss Lil Wayne has been cracking jokes in a recent phone interview with Hot 97 radio station from Rikers Island Prison.

In the interview with Hot 97, Lil Wayne revealed that he’s been calling Drake and Nicki Minaj each week, and trying to keep track on what they are up to but while keeping his distance so they can get on with their busy schedule.

“I’m calling you from Rikers Island right now, unfortunately,” Lil Wayne told Funkmaster Flex.

He joked about his relationship with Young Money stars: “I call Drake at least once a week, but I actually call three or four times a week, but he only picks up for me once a week.”

Weezy added about his calls to Nicki Minaj: “That being my future wife, we talk every night. Nah, the same goes for her. I don’t like to bother them in the midst of what they’re doing, because I know they have a whole lot on their plate every single day.

Do you think Lil Wayne and Nicki Minaj are dating?

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  1. yes i do think nicki and wayne

  2. I also thing they shld coz the make a vry super couple lol.

  3. Daniella & lil wayne

    I think Nicki Minaj & lil wayne should date each other because they have the same personality n lil wayne is so so so hot n fitttt anyway it about who you love not like oh he has got money let’s take the money no it about looking each other in the eyes n say I love u If u really mean it u would like in tht parsons eye n say tht one think tht people have to remember u can play with some1’s thing but not with felling & love

  4. I think they should. They have surely been through a lot together, but love is love, ya know?

  5. I think they wuld b cute 😀

  6. This is Justin I think Lil Wayne should marry nicki minaj.

  7. This is Justin I think Lil Wayne should marry nicki minaj.

  8. This is Justin I think Lil Wayne should marry nicki minaj.

  9. Luz Jhoanna_12

    Man I’m lyk A BBIIIIGGGG FAN OF NICKI MUNAJ Yuhp yuH HEARD tHAT rIght I love allher songs she goes hard man. I love yo body nicki minaj yuh so damn beautiful I wish I was yuh

  10. Hey my name is Nicole a.k.a nicki I really adore nicki minaj and she is my favorite artist and idol!nicki if you read this Plz send me tickets to your concert my email is NICKIJACK27@YAHOO.COM Plz let me have my moment 4life by coming to your concert ILOVENICKIMINAJ so haters back of cuz she Is the knockout or she will give u a roman’s revenge

  11. Janay134rolland

    At first I thought they were dating but then they said drake was dating nicki minaj but come to find out she’s all about her music (she’s the best)

  12. nicki is a real barbie and she is ever thing oun her body is fake even her lips but i do like her music.

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  14. i love lil wyane he is soo sexy i love nicki minaj is barbies all day but im all about ma dough to but nicki minaj and lil wyane is a perfect coupel right there

  15. i love nicki minaji so much

    • i love nicki to she is da baddest jawn alive no other female rapper is better than her nicki f**k them haters and keep doin ya thang dont stop

  16. I love both of them

  17. Hi,thiz iz michael imma say i dont hav any disrespect twords lil wayne but id say that nicki would be better off with drake than him

    • i dont think Niki should be with Drake i think she should be with lil Wanyn cause he get that money.

      • i dont think its about money i think she should date the one that she love and who love her too.its not about money its about love and who your heart decides


  19. i love lil wayne so much. drake plz is ther any way i can get ur cell phone no or emaill address plz.

  20. miss honeybell mo

    i love lil wayne so much. drake plz is ther any way i can get ur cell phone no or emaill address plz.