Sumfest Organizers Unhappy With Venue Exploring Options

Sumfest organisers are obviously well satisfied with the overwhelming support at this years reggae show. But they are equally unsatisfied with the venue, which is understandable.

All the three major nights of the festival saw huge turnouts, with the exception of Friday international night one where the crowd was visibly less because of pouring rain throughout the day and in the night.

Many patrons complained bitterly about the muddy conditions of the venue, where you can see mud on people shoes leaving the venue.

“Mi love the vibes this year but mi sorry mi never wear some water boot cuz di place too muddy,” one patron told us Saturday July 22.

Organizers are exploring their options in relocating the show next year if the owners (UDC) of the venue don’t improve conditions for next year staging. Sumfest director Johnny Gourzong in a press conference earlier this week, called for the construction of a venue for shows such as Sumfest in Montego Bay.