Chris Brown Thank Jamaican Fans… But No Passa Passa

There is no doubt Chris Brown is one hell of a performer on stage and Reggae Sumfest was no exception. The r&b star put on an electrifying performance for his Jamaican fans last Friday night and again on Saturday night when he appeared on Usher’s set. Make no mistake, Jamaican crowd is hard to please at concerts. Several international artists go to Jamaica and ended up have to seek assistance from local dancehall acts. But we give Usher and Brown a well round of applause.

After the show ends Brown took to his Twitter and wrote, “I wanna thank you Jamaica for your wonderful embrace last night at the show. Next time well do passa passa … lmao … (oh he– naw). Love ya!”

On performing with Usher, he tweeted, “Me and Usher killin Jamaica right now.”