Pressure Ft. Chronix – Africa Redemption Lyrics

Pressure & Chronnix

Take yo rightful place the gideon
Use sun burn faces of creation
Is Africa redemption
Mother Africa redemption

Never you stray from the covenant
You sons of Abraham
It’s Africa redemption
Mama Africa redemption

All the warriors of whom we can rely on
Be as strong as the cankering lion
It’s a Africa redemption
Mama Africa redemption

(Verse 1)
Like the rivers of Jordan
The long wedge is golden
They took us away from Africa
And sold us for token
A keep ma book open
Chosen warrior surround mi like mountain
So much mi keep counting
Rebellious soldiers keep fighting till the battle is over
The inequality keep filling ma mouter
System a choke her
Burn the fire internationally and local

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
We don’t know how we ended up here
Stolen from our own homes
Brought in babylon in chains
Even took controls
Teach us what, what you teach both
See Africa deh, a beg yuh reach out
You mister man wid yo face bleach out
Dash weh the cream, a yo roots you fi seek out
And I don’t know how we ended up here
Stolen from our home
Chronnox and Pressure make babylon takes control

(Repeat Chorus 2X)

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