Shawn Storm The Documentary

Days after Vybz Kartel release his new album, his protege Shawn Storm release his new mixtape “The Documentary.”

The incarcerated dancehall star co-produced the mixtape along with DJ Slick for Kwashawna Records.

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Shawn “Storm” Campbell is currently serving a life sentence in a maximum security prison after being convicted for murder in March. The former Portmore Empire deejay will be eligible for parole in 25 years.

Listen to Shawn Storm “The Documentary” mixtape below.

  • jackie stephenson

    Good for them cause most of them were framed anyways they got an unfair trial to begin with so let them make the money however they can but I guarantee you 2/4 will get an appeal cause there was reasonable doubt in this. This story isnt over

  • justyouth
  • Dave

    How are these guys releasing music from prison. I tell you the Jamaican system is so corrupt. This could not happen in the States.


      these all old songs nothing new

      • jackie stephenson

        Dont be jealous

      • KING GLITO

        wtf u talkin about


        fk miss this account how can i figure it out

    • jackie stephenson

      have some sympathy I know that the judge knows these fools were set up thats why he is allowing them to record in prison but for Vybz I dont think he is making a whole lot of money most of his money is going to the so called dead lizard or crocodile

    • Do you even read?