Incarcerated reggae star Buju Banton is the victim of a vicious scam.

According to the singers legal representative, a certain individual is using the artist name to scam promoters out of cash.

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The person behind the scam has been posing as Buju Banton’s agent and falsely collecting money on his behalf for a concert to be held in Trinidad later this year.

The problem is there is no such concert in the works and Buju Banton is currently serving a 10-year sentence in a South Florida prison.

“There is no concert being organized and Buju Banton did not give anyone any right to collect any money on his behalf,” a rep for the singer told Urban Islandz.

Buju Banton, born Mark Myrie, lead attorney, Charles Ogletree, recently filed court document for a new trial. If he continues to serve his sentencing, he will be released in February 2019.

  • jackie stephenson

    I dont know who advises these entertainers or who their circle of friends are but obviously they hang out with old cruffs yes he is a grown man and should have known better. But I cant understand why they would prefer to sing behind bars instead of a crowd and make money and go home lord have mercy.

  • Burn gaza

    Free, buju and let kartel stay dwn a hail and f••k batty dwn there

  • shasyl

    You got to be really stupid to believe and do something so out of order,,,,uno ease up offa di garagmel.old thief

  • ForceMajeure

    lol! Wtf..one would think if person buys a ticket,theyre a fan,and if theyre a fan theyd know his current situation.
    Wasting lawyers time.
    Free Buju.

  • NYC one

    What this thief I try use Buju name for . I guess thief / scammer have nothing better to do .