Iyara – Party Right Yah So Lyrics

(Verse 1)
One a the baddest selector a juggle
Gyal a bubble, that’s how we party
Hot gyal still a pull up in a hot vehicle
And the tugs dem a bad people
Liquor a drink and grades a burn
Mi fross no f, mi drop mi shades a ground
But mi a party right now before da old age deh come

Meck wi party right yah suh
God know seh mi like yah suh
Mi a spend the whole night yah suh
Party right yah so, unuh push up unuh light yah suh
Wave dem like a wiper suh

Party right yah suh
yeh the colors dem bright yah suh
Gyal a pree wi pon skype yah suh

Party right yah suh
It’s an holiday

(Verse 2)
This a the bubble brain party
Wi pree the girls nuh see nuh guys
Support the bar wi throat nuh dry
Grades a burn, mi feel so high, about to fly
High, up in a the cloudy sky
As one bottle done another one mi send go buy
Da party yah shot nah tell nuh lie
Traffic mi build up a the bar nah give nuh bly
Nuh ask mi why

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 3)
Sound a move loud but mi nah def, mi nah def
Gyal a wine suh mi nah left, mi nah left
Cuh deh Nutron a vomit regardless
The bar a mi target pass mi wallet
And we tun it up like volume
Mi a gwaan rock mi bone dem while mi young
Ease off the stress weh tie mi dung
Hey waitress carry rum

(Repeat Chorus 2X)

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