Real Housewives Of Atlanta: Porsha Vs Kenya Fight [Full Video]

Real Housewives of Atlanta Reunion was aired on Sunday night April 20 and everyone tuned in.

Last month news surfaced that Porsha and Kenya had a brawl during the live taping of the show. Just as everyone suspected, the producers included the clip from the Porsha Williams and Kenya Moore fight.

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Kenya called Porsha dumb, which most of us already know, but Porsha did not take too kindly the gesture.

They then started talking about karma when Kenya says karma is coming back to bite Porsha and Phaedra for laughing at her own misfortunes. Porsha says Kenya is playing a victim and called her a wh-re from the 1990s. Kenya called her back the same thing and said she cheated on her ex-husband.

RHOA Porsha and Kenya fight

Porsha also said that Kenya vagina is rotten. Yes she did. Porsha then jumped on Kenya pulling her hair out and throwing her to the ground.

Porsha and Kenya brawl

The two women were separated and Kenya walked out saying she is leaving if they do not fire Porsha. Porsha started crying because she felt embarrassed and the rest of cast members consoled her since she was having a nervous breakdown.

There are also talks that Porsha Williams could be fired from Real Housewives of Atlanta and possible join the cast of the much more drama filled show Love & Hip-Hop: Atlanta.

Watch the full video for the Porsha and Kenya fight and sound off in comments below.

Photo Credits: Bravo

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  • Janae Lowe

    I think the fight should have never happened. I don’t think its right or fair that Kenya was able to bring props on the reunion and taunt Porsha. That was beyond petty and childish. Kenya says her words are her weapons. but she needed extra help of props to get her point across? I think She’s just over dramatic and wants to stay relevant. Kenya claims that she’s this high movie star and second black woman to win Miss USA and young girls look up to her. But to be truthfully honest no one has really ever heard of her. Everything she has done has been a low budget project. I feel like this derived from a jealousy place on Kenya’s part. Of course violence is never the answer. Truth be told you never know the kind of day someone is having. You never know the life changing situation a person is having, you never know if a person is on a verge of having a mental breakdown. So Kenya should have been mindful but she wasn’t. I felt like she was being insensitive towards Porsha and a bully in a sense. Kenya has been acting like that towards her last season and this season. I don’t blame Porsha. I honestly feel like Porsha just snapped. Just glad it didn’t end like the Oxygen show. I pray for Porsha and her family.

  • Rozine Sampson

    This is absolute B S drama, Unnecessary Fake Azz B S! Porsha Should be embarrassed! They should All be Embarrassed, their behavior is LESS than honorable! They have all signed contracts to allow their lives and their problems to be open to Public scrutiny! When things are exposed they scream Foul, well you can’t have it both ways. When you put your self up for sale and you become sold (Greed takes over) then you should have the intellect and Ability to handle or at the Very least Finesse your way through the Bullsh*t ! If you are weak then stay out of the Fray! It was CLEAR from the start Porsha is a weak link! I have NO Sympathy for a weak Azz Clown who can’t keep up so she stars a Physical Altercation, then all the Fools around her Creates and atmosphere of Bullsh*t for her to hide her guilt! She made an absolute AZZ of herself for the whole world to see! There should be Consequences for her actions, there is NEVER AN EXCUSE TO PUT YOUR HANDS on anyone unless you are being attacked and you cyst defend yourself! We in the Black community should be the last people to condone the Disgusting behavior for any reason! There are so many of our people being Murdered Daily for Foolishness Just Like this! There should be a price o pay and ignorance can not be a cover, Kenya was hired to Act just as she did, All of these Greedy Clowns for Hire Know the Deal coming into thus situation. What, so now their all aging like everything is a surprise because they egged on the weakest Link and she (Snapped) ??What did they expect coming from her! The real reason , in my opinion, she “Blacked Out” or Snapped or whatever Lame Excuse you want to use. The Ex Husband and all the embarrassment of that relationship being exposed in the public eye is what really weighed so Heavily on her. Hummm surely she couldn’t beat up on ?Cordell Stewart, the real cause of her Embarrassment! Let’s be Real the rest of the Circus Clowns in this cast took Jabs at her Azz too, but y’all don’t remember that! She picked Kenya to start a Brawl with because she thought her to be the easiest to beat! Bottom Line Is If You Can’t Run With The BIG DOGS Sit Your Azz On The Bench!!!!!!

  • me

    I would do more damage to that BIG mouth myself. Little old bit is really lucky……but she deserved more

  • horrorqueen420

    Crazy. The bullhorn was unnecessary, but Porsha had a lot on her mind. I think the way these women talk to each other shows the world more than a physical fight. They take it to a level that most people would already have gotten beat down for. You can only talk trash so much before someone takes it to the next level. But these hoes won’t take responsibility for their serpent tongues. Devils.

  • Cassie S.

    I just want to say that the whole smackdown that happened was completely stupid. Both were at fault here. Kenya for using a blowhorn to get her attention was irrelevant, funny but irritating. Porsha for not controlling herself and letting things get out of hand. Porsha was talking about Kenya saying that she was acting like the victim for everything that happened. Porsha was the one that laid hands on her first, so that actually makes Kenya the “victim” in that situation. How Porsha acted afterward was completely uncalled for. She laid on the floor crying and screaming like a toddler, acting like she was the one that was attacked. She started it first and Kenya walked away, but Porsha had to act like a 5 year old and have a hissy fit. Porsha also got carried away in someone’s arms like she can’t walk. She didn’t even get hurt! No one is perfect by far, hopefully they can both grow up and learn from this.

    • Chococutie

      She was having a break down.

  • intelligentsia

    The show is a total disgrace to the black community. It needs to be cancelled.

  • bamagirl256

    What’s sad is bravo pretty much supporting bullying all for ratings!! I mean really what do they expect to happen when somebody’s buttons are pushed and they’re being constantly backed into a corner. 0 tolerance for fighting but im going to keep putting you around people you dont like to see what happens straight bs.

  • ChocoCutie

    It’s about time someone snatched up Kenya. Her insecurities have showed since day one. She finds joy in making other people feel miserable because obviously she is miserable. Glad Porsha didn’t fully kick her as (even though I would have enjoyed watching) because like Phadrea said “SHE AIN’T WORTH IT”. Ugh get rid of NEGATIVE KENYA WH RE!!

  • joseph

    Momma and daddy always said play with a dog too long it’ll bite that butt. So Kenya got bit. I think something should have been done when she pulled out the bullhorn. Ain’t nobody talking or tried to do anything bout that. I just hate she didn’t get finish whippin that butt. If Kenya’s on there next season I hope the girls treat her like she doesn’t exist.

  • chingapoo

    Go team Porsha! I know she feels bad for allow Kenya to get the best of her but Kenya had it coming!!! Why would they allow Kenya to bring all that junk on the stage and act the way she did!! They wanted this to happen and it did! Persia I wish you the best

  • ahardy13

    Nene is so full of it and she is the main problem on the show, in case anyone don’t realize

  • Amelia

    I think the Producers have to answer for some portion of this…they should never have allowed the “props” on the set! Talk in a bullhorn in my face I might lose it too!

  • Ebony

    Me myself personally I love Kenya she’s funny as hell and this video shoes what kind of power she has over people to make them stoop lower than she has that sh was south park cartman funny and porsha ain’t sh she went str8 for the hair like all non-fightin as hoes that was sum how as -ucka sh she did fporsha

  • Cynthia G

    I am a 44 year old Woman. And I feel Kenya is to old to be battling with that child. Porsha is right she is a wh*re from 90″s and should stay in her lane. And she got what her hand call for…

  • JP

    That is some serious black trash.

    • bejean

      What are you? White trash.

  • Want the right

    All r so right, Kenya need to be fired from the show, she lucky that she got , get off show

  • mslady in ga

    Everyone has a limit and everyone react differently.but she was provoked we all know what kenya did pointing and carrying on was not right.

    • bejean

      I agree.

  • DetoxCouture

    All that sh kenya talk and provoking she does, Andy should have gave Porsha at least five minutes to tap that as… Especially if she got fired and a warrant for her arrest… That is craxy how they allowed her to vome onto the show with those props and antagonize everyone… Not cool…I hate kenya n if she is on the show, I will no longer tune in…

  • candi

    On another topic nenes hairline wtf?

  • candi

    Yeah this so childish however kenya was going too far and you shoulnt write a check with your mouth that your ass cant cash!

    • bejean

      Right on.

  • Kimberly Denise

    Kenya got LESS than she DESERVED!!!!!

  • Opinionseveryonehasone

    Kenya is annoying as hell, that’s for damn sure, but so is Porsha with her boring ass. I don’t know why everyone is defending Porsha’s stupid ass. Porsha was saying all kinds of nasty stuff to Kenya, in fact they all were. Kenya didn’t attack anyone. Porsha can dish it but she can’t take it, cause she’s full of it. She can’t handle being on that show. Phaedra is just the most vile person hiding behind “souther belleness” puuhhleezeee, Phaedra is one undercover ghetto hoe. Nene is a loud ghetto hoe, kandi is a has-been with no backbone. Cynthia is the only one on that show with any class and loyalty. And as soon as Cynthia put her foot down for what she thought was right, Nene kicked her to the curb cause it wasn’t what “nene said” Nene is the most delusional one out of all them. Kenya is at least the smart one of the bunch. Porsha should be fired.

    • bejean

      Are you crazy? Kenya is a narcissist and very insecure. She is mean and jealous.


    Never ever speak to anyone who lives in the good ole South thru a bullhorn! Bull Conner is dead1

  • Nesha

    Notice nobody from the cast went to console Kenya…everybody went Porsha’s way lmaooo as much as I can’t stand Kenya, I want her to come back next season because she brings drama.

  • A LEV


    • bejean

      Ditto. I do to.

  • Qmeky

    I’m all the way #teamporsha if they let porsha go without letting kenya go due to the fact that kenya is always starting some BS…And actually porsha didn’t hit kenya she tugged at her hair kenya wants to issue the dirt but can’t bag up what she’s talking…if kenya was on the streets pointing all that mess at ppl she would have gotten it worse than that…..kenya needs to be reprimanded for pointing things at ppl n invading their space….#teamporcha

    • bejean

      Team Porshia all the way…

  • Felicia SassyEisha Speller

    Please…all Porsha did was grab Kenya by the hair and drag her. Now understanding that Porsha was tired of Kenya’s mouth, but she could have used words hurtful words to hurt Kenya. Kenya didn’t touch her.

    • bejean

      That is because Kenya is all mouth and no substance.

    • There are many people who are not able to use words as a tool, that is why they use there fist, because it gives more of a sting to it than words. Moreover, when people decide to use words as a means to inflict hurt to someone else, they risk being hurt physically.

  • oldschoolyrw52

    This was just weird and sad. I think that Porsha got physical to stay relevant to the show. She needed a new story line – only my opinion. Now we have the possibility of a plea bargain/court episode or a trial episode.
    Why pull her hair? Why not punch Kenya if you really want to do some damage? Weird.
    But it did pull the other women together for a hot minute – even Ne Ne and Phaedra.

  • Dee

    Can’t believe how people get caught up in this bs. It’s a show full of drama and catfights, that’s what ratings are all about. Wake up people!!

  • NYC one

    I don’t like some one putting their hands on other people but Kenya need to stop talking about Porsha husband it’s none of her business . Every one at some point of their lives goes through a divorce . Kenya is dead wrong to be pointing those objects why they let her on the show with objects in her hands not good .

  • Kellz

    I don’t care what someone SAYS to you, that does not give you the right to put your hands on them. Shows that Porsha has no class. Still waiting for her to spell “scepter” too. #teamKenya

    • QueenMe

      No! People need to be held accountable for the words they speak! So tired of people thinking that they can say whatever they want with no consequences. Words hurt too! I learned that in kindergarten! Now as an adult, I am mindful of what I say, whether I like you or not. Kenya pushes to the limit and never knows when to leave well enough alone. The sad part is, she orchestrated that bit of violence, by pushing Porsha to the limit. You don’t do that to someone, I don’t care how you feel about them. When you see that someone is reaching the boiling point, you step back.

  • goosedown99

    So where was the “royal beatdown? Kenya is extremely strong and would never let that happen trust me. They are both in heels and fell to the ground quickly. Porsha may have gotten one swing in but kenya didn’t fight back because she knew the rules of the show. That girl is smart and has actually taken nenes friends away, gotten rid of the prettiest chick, and now rules the show, with the HIGHEST RATINGS EVER! Bow down to the queen and shut up. TEAM KENYA>

    • Kellz

      #exactly #teamKenya

    • wait and see

      Wait until next year, let’s see if she can brag about the ratings… We were watching this show way before she joined the cast and it has been number one, Bravo won’t fire her, but we will, let’s see if her stans will keep it on top.

    • shorty5704

      All while looking totally cray-cray.

  • Rico

    Kenya is an agressor one time then victim the next.. She’ll do anything for publicity n controversy .even provoke viloence

  • Danielle Belton

    Why do all these black women wear hair hats? Can’t they grow their own hair?

    • Dandelion

      It’s that hair hat that probably saved Kenya from smashing her skull open when Porsha yanked her to the floor. And what difference does it make if they choose to wear weaves? They’re versatile. Thursday you can have your hair short. Monday you can have a long, gorgeous do. No commitment, lots of creativity. Life’s too short not to experiment with all sorts of styles.

    • QueenMe

      What century do you live in? Hair is an accessory, whether you simply color it, wear a wig, weave, extensions……whatever! And women of other nationalities were it too. Why do white people spend so much money tanning? Can’t they produce more melanin?

    • Jaz

      For all the same reasons that white men & women for whom wigs/fake hair was initially invented for. And yes black women grow “their own” long hair. They just dont all choose to wear it that way, as their hair more versatile than most, giving them more stylig options than mere blow-outs. Exposure & Cultural Awareness would teach u that most black women never touched fake hair, while their non black counterparts keep clip-in tracks in their dresser to mimick the fullness of a brown woman’s head on any given day, esp given that straighter hair thins faster w/ age. #check ur ol lady’s night stand.

  • dorothy

    I say fire Andy, for letting kenya come back. Kenya is a big mouth bully. Posha is doing her thing, and rising to all. I think Andy might have a hidden agenda. I don’t know but something was just not right about him just asking Posha to leave. I won’t watch Andy show without seeing him as sneaky.

  • tysandsnyc


    Y’all so angry over Kenya that y’all purposely chose a bad pic of her and a “glam” pic of Poor’Sha! Like… LOL

    Andy told that bit?h to bow down, go home, and apologize to the queen because he knows she was wrong!

    They all shït-talk, so let’s not put this all on Kenya. Porsha started the mess bringing up gossip from MediaFakeOut. So let’s not.

    • Kellz

      That is a horrible pic of Kenya, but that is not a Glam sh- if Porsha. It is her arrest photo.

    • naturallyanm

      Kenya is that you???

      If it is, I sincerely hope you’re in therapy. You can’t go around antagonizing people and fail to recognize that there may be consequences for your actions. I don’t feel sorry for you, regardless of me being an advocate for peaceful conflict resolution; you fan the flames so you deserve what you get – burned. THAT’S karma.

  • Tweley

    Idiot gyal dem, got nuttin to contribute to society

  • fluffy diva

    Porsha wanted someone to lash out on along time now that dumb bit– tried to create a living hell for her x and now its her time karma is a bit–…..
    I dont pity ure sorry as grow the hell up….u go Kenya girl be hating cause u carry a full package

    • Numba1BottomBitch


      • Tippy Eaddy

        You stfu broke b**ch

    • tysandsnyc

      Okay. Never mind Porsha starting the reunion with gossip from MediaFakeOut. Never mind Porsha having all her confessionals on Kenya. Never mind Porsha getting mad at Kenya just because she stepped outside during her “charity event”. No! It’s all Kenya’s fault! GTFOHWTBS

      • RLHOH

        I agree…your words hurt more than your fist. If porsche gets fired it’s her own fault. If you feel threaten or endangered fight. But cause someone talking sh… be an adult not a 2nd year old.

    • Mrs. African

      A full package that is useless, don’t have a husband, want a baby and can’t get a man not even to use to have a baby. Useless with all that beauty and education. Something is wrong with Ms. Out dated U.S.A

      • KIMMY


      • QueenMe

        Kenya’s problem is not what she doesn’t have, but her attitude. I think she’s more vulnerable and insecure than she would like to admit and hides behind the belligerence. She is a bully as is Nene.

      • NYC one

        Queen me u said it all . Nene will soon fall on here face wait and see . God don’t like ugly .

      • Amazon1983

        I agree with u also. Kenya and NeNe are two females that have to act that way towards others to feel good about themselves. They both need their ass whipped if u ask me….ijs….I would love to see Kandi drag NeNe ugly ass….

      • bejean

        I agree.

      • BB


      • Ligo

        Bravo needs to fire Porsha. No matter how mad you get -You CAN NOT physically attack anyone. If they keep her on -then they are promoting violence. Porsha called Kenya all kinds of hurtful crap – but Kenya never stood up and tried to hit her.

      • BB

        I agree1000%

      • Smiley

        All y’all dumb a**es. Kenya been started shut since she started. Fake man, Bootie and fake old as USA. Yeah everyone has there faults but when lions come n gave no back them bit**es get ate the fu** up. And that’s what happen. Kenya got her hind legs bent back cause if it’s was me I world of best her a** too. Don’t wave sh** in my face. And all the housewives are fake. It’s reality tv stupid. That’s what they get paid to do. Keep y’all asses entertained. They don’t care about y’all comments they laid u bro he bit**es….lmao. Grow up and get a life. It’s tv.

      • Why wait all these years to all of a sudden want to have a family, and what does she add to the show?

      • Tippy Eaddy

        B please Porsha ain’t got ntn either she jus wanted to spend of Kordells money cause she was broke n in debt n still is Kenya is not. And I’m glad she got locked up I hope they really showed her wat jail is like LMAO

    • dray

      Son why she can’t get a husband if she is the full package. The girl is coo coo for coco puffs.

    • deborah cooper

      Kenya carries a full package of silicone and stuffing of by-products. Zhe is a sh* starter. Porsha should ha e stomped a hole in her since shes probably getting fired anyway.

    • Keke Trishaand Gabriellesmom

      That’s not totally true. Yes Porsha could’ve turned the other cheek but Kenya messy ass would’ve only hit her in that one too. Kenya it’s drama and has picked in Porsha since they’ve been on the show and reason being is Porsha never took up for herself. So Kenya tired washed up ass need to leave reality tv and go into writing fiction books cause her ass shows nothing other than make up stores. #teamPorsha I don’t condone violence but every dog has his day Kenya just got hers sooner than she expected

  • Drizzy

    Nothing like a good pointless cat fight lol.

  • Yasuyo

    My heart goes out to Porsha , kenya knows how to push peoples buttons .. i honestly would have done way worse but hey thats me.

    • tysandsnyc

      That’s because you’re a thug.

      • Yasuyo

        Nope , i’m most def not a thug and i’ve only lost my cool twice in my short 20 yrs . People have limits and she hit her limit . Violence is not always a option but in this one i support it whole heartedly . Thanks!

      • She’s a THUG? True Hero Under God, or The Hate U Give Little Infants F—s Everyone.. Thug is a positive message, don’t use it otherwise…

    • golder1

      These chicks too old for this bull.

    • NYC one

      Kenya is dead wrong to be pointing objects in some ones face god for bid it sticks u in your eye.

      • CourtLuvv

        I would’ve made her eat that stick!

      • NYC one

        No type of objects should be allowed on the show that’s where they made a huge mistake .

      • Michael Reed

        Bravo is at fault here. Had it not been for those props, the fight would not have happened. How could they have allowed Krayonce to bring objects in there that could potentially hurt someone. It was too much. Anyone would be pushed over the edge. Krayonce should be fired.

      • NYC one

        Michael hooray you are on the same page with me . Terrible trust me I would not want any one point any form of objects in my face . That will tick any human off people need to stop been a hypocrite . I don’t agree with attacking someone u just don’t point dangerous objects in people’s face .

    • Chaz

      Kenya deserved so much more!

    • Here was the mistake for Porsha. There are many things you can do to a person without losing your ladiness, behind the scenes but not in front of the camera.Moreover, Kenya has hers coming verbally, and I am betting on Ne Ne to bring it on to her.

      • ghost

        Ne Ne Ain’t Gonna Do Nothing

    • Megan

      Bye Felicia.