Popcaan and Vybz Kartel

Vybz Kartel and Popcaan has not been on speaking terms for over two years now and the former Portmore Empire head has bashed his former protege in the media on several occasions since his incarceration.

But Gaza fans have long been wondering what triggered a fallout between the two deejays.

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An anonymous source leaked some alleged text messages to Urban Islandz showing a female name Hells Angel and Vybz Kartel sending messaging each other on BBM.

The female told Vybz Kartel, “Real talk mi wa f— bad but mi and poppy did a f— and mi no want de ting look like a w-re.”

Kartel response was “Me nuh response fi u n papi ting. Our ting a our ting.”

Is this the reason why Popcaan did not visit Vybz Kartel behind bars or go to court?

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  • stingablinga

    A suh devil worshippers roll man…fu and su dem one anodda. Good ova evil anytime. Dem a talk bout babylon system a fight dem, a true cause dem mix up inna babylon ting and try fi portray a different image and tell ghetto yute pure fu—ry fi lead dem a stray.

  • Babydoll

    She is who want to f- it’s she pu- he in forcing she free kartel

  • Candy Crush

    That dude kartel has no loyalty. I hope they digg out he batty in prison.. MURDERER

  • NyNySoSpecial

    Cho bloodclaatt kartel deh a prison unuh low d man…him f- who him waa mi glad a popcaan gal him f*.. deh pus deh a idiot long time…stop him fi stop sing ina RYNO voice…dis gone ova board wats up with kartel human rights…fuss man gone a prison & dem a dash out d whole a him life suh…is a personal vendetta dem ave against d man…

  • Real Richxx

    Di ting a wh-re out long time

  • Real Richxx

    Gyal deh a groupie suppm. She a look

  • Kmbct

    One ting mi a sah it a tek to peepz to do di ting so if a anyting happen don’t bun down hym bun up di both of dem rarst tings

  • lisa

    My god, enough is enough, Lord a mercy, the man is bars, what else. Leave the man alone, and so what if slim fu– Vybes, is her hole, if she wants to fu–,Low life people, leave the man alone.

  • positive vibes

    An old bbm message would show a date, fake, all lies

  • Bryan Isaac

    So there allowed to go on the phone and search this up ? Should been a miss trial

  • Dntplygames

    kartel mi nuh Business , sound Familiar , all me know popcorn deh a road

  • young portmore empire

    The reason why kartel a poppy split is because poppy and tommy Lee never wah go police station go tell the police that they saw lizard after the day police said he died. Gaza slim did it. And that’s why he started pg 13 wid Gaza slim and Sean storm.

    • Guest

      Young Portmore Empire . . . you are very smart indeed.

  • Dark Ace

    Kartel has an uphill battle and the media and the system r makin it that much harder for him to fight, remember perception is everything, and even if they wanna say the court of appeals don’t listen to propaganda, they r still human and CAN b influenced. I am for justice, but because I grew up in the garrison and know it well I can’t take sides wit the “justice system” cause all I can remember seeing for much of my high school life were bullies and gunmen in uniform. They are not all bad, but whenever I met one that seemed good or cool it always felt awkward, what I do know is kartel should have stayed the fucc out of mix up, he needed this to wake him up from the trance his ego or fame had him under.

    • Informas

      It’s true man all of a sudden everything is so called leaked lol anyone with common sense knows they are trying to paint him a certain way to the media and tear him down becuZ they realized that people are still standing up for him after voice notes and video released and it kills them inside

  • Dark Ace

    Lol whether u like him or hate him, u have to admit that they r really fighting this man. As soon as he makes his appeal its just been one story after the other, with all of them painting this bad image for everyone to perceive. I’m not saying this man is innocent as none of us r, but all of u can’t b so blind not to see that there is something going on here, someone in a high position is carrying feelings and really want to see kartel go down. Say I’m taking sides if u want but I grew up in JA and I’ve seen both sides, and I can honestly say I’ve rarely seen justice. From Kentucky kid to my personal friend having ammunition planted on him and currently serving time, years of his life being fuccing stolen, not to mention vigilante officers, too much for this post, but what I’m trying to say is, Jamaica’s system only works for u as a person if ur a higher up or u have the “right” connections.

  • Ross Margarette

    Do you have tweeter?

    • Ross Margarette


  • Ross Margarette


  • so yall gonna announce who bought urban islandz or nah?

    • Ross Margarette

      Murder again lol

      • aye, this one was suicide dwl

      • Ross Margarette

        Like your profile pic

    • Humble

      Jamaican government

  • Damion

    It’s just a plot by the government and it’s police to make sure he remains behind bars he holds the key to the votes they badly need to stay in power the other party is regrouping very quickly.

    • NYC one

      Idiot Kartel throw away is life and career he had it all .He was in a gang with so much men around him . No one knows who they are . There job was to do Kartel dirty work.

    • Guest

      At what grade did you drop out of school? Be honest

  • Damion

    As weh pappi say nuh listen to badmind talk this a the message weh pagan send ghetto want work hard Fi house and car we want put down the mack 10.

  • kartel!!

    And y is his name gaza slim & devil O_o

  • kartel!!

    The phone is still in the police’s possession as they need it for future use but still leaking things off the phone? Jamaica has no protocols for these type of things yet wanna act like they operating a proper justice system? WHY ISN’T HIS DAM FAMILY SPEAKING UP ON THIS. DESTROY THE PHONE OR LOCK IT UP AND GET RID OF THE SLACK POLICE OFFICERS ON THE FORCE. his kids dont need to b seeing this sh-, bad enuff they innocent and have no idea whats going on around them.

  • shasyl

    stop yuh air threats kartel n him friends get wat as coming to them.

  • Roye Tucker

    she seh she dont want the thing look like a wh-re thing…bit– u already r lol, n as for kartel….jamaica can do without the likes of u

  • Richard Smith

    Who do not like my comment know what to do with their mum and grandmother !!!

    • Guest

      Ahhh, from your response, I guess you know what it is like to do what with your mom and dad hence it has become an insult??? You really don’t need to show your ignorance. Learn to accept people’s differences. Look where having yes men around got Vybz.

  • Richard Smith

    I would not be surprise if I heard that vybz cartoon was f*****g is own mother and all is female relatives plus I would not be surprise if he was a batty man away with vybz cartoon now !!!

  • gaza governor

    Woman a something disposal. Them cant TRUST but me nuh wrong the teacher

  • bigbang

    A suh di gaza run…devil worshippers f—–g each other

  • micheal75

    Is something wrong with being an informer?

    • NYC one

      Listen dumb ass am not a Kartel fan . I say what the hell I want . It’s just too much garbage coming . Kartel is guilty of murder and that’s it . Let him do hard labour . It hasnt hit him yet . Wait until where he is get real hot . Jamaica summers ain’t no joke . Plus he will not get an appeal soon . The lawyers cannot free Kartel .

    • tweets


      • michael75

        What is wrong with being an informer?

  • Dan dada

    So what de duck if popo can’t handle de gal right another man will do it for him, only inna song them have mouth pu–yhole can’t blame kartel for helping out a situation he should thank kartel ( popcaan ah fish outta water )

  • cingleplayer .

    these hoes aint loyal

  • lobylong

    Its funny how u bunch of a–holes believe everything u read,in a world full of technology.I see y it is that easy to brain wash a nation fu—n malicon.

  • kaRTeL

    Pure lies di worl’ boss nuh gree duh dah ting.Popcaan betray di gaza boss

  • quaris

    What in the hell am i reading. Damn i know Jamaicans have an accent but t

    hey write like that too???

    • highlyconcerned32

      Neanderthal!!! We not only have an accent, we have a language that we can also write in, and its not our fault you cant understand it lol eject yourself from this place reject

      • DrM_11

        The language is called Neanderthal? lol

    • AhDiGoodazGyalDisEnuh

      What did you expect? I would be an IMBISSILE to say.. “What in the hell am i reading. Damn i know French People have an accent but…hey write like that too???”
      Common sense these days!!

  • Elohim

    where did it say that was popcaan’s girlfriend, she said she f—ed popcaan, she never claimed to be his girlfriend.. smh…

  • Humble

    Anybody that has ever had any contact with Kartel the media is just trying to turn them against the man. This is pure fu—ry

  • Worldboss Christopher Marshall

    That’s why me wonder how poppi & kartel just fallout suh an nobody nun know why mi always mada always tell me say you caah see smoke without fire

  • Joseph Sousa

    Nothing says she was popcaan girlfriend anyway. Just that they banged. Who cares.

  • Joseph Sousa

    Who cares. This has turned into a tabloid page

  • Tweley

    These guys lives were on a collision course.. something was going to happen sooner or later.

  • Omar Overton

    Nothing surprise me about karte any more if mi hear say him is gay, I not b surprise, rumour have it he is..

    • ping pang

      Omar is a gay name lo lolo and u want to chat bout gaza boss hold u speech crutch s

      • Omar Overton

        Go s…k ur madda man a was Muslim

      • Omar Overton

        Go s..k ur madda man a Muslim

  • mrseanpaul81

    buck a gyal from u-tech…..say she have a boyfriend, me say me no business, if we dweet that a fi mi and fi yu business!!!

  • Yardie

    LOL long time mi a tell unnu say di bwoy Vybz Kartel a traitor him no loyal to no one. Him need fi stay inna prison.

    • outlaw

      Pu–y split in a 2. Don’t 4 get that

    • trini

      Yardle it songs like u a traitor .I no a batty wen I here one free kartel

    • outlaw

      Everybody turn states a wah do some man a wish man fi stay inna prison a f—re talk dat

      • shasyl

        Your replies are 21 days to late we don`t have time to go back in the past.old argument that run along now.

      • outlaw

        I got a life & like u live on di internet go look a life