Vybz Kartel thin

Vybz Kartel’s co-accused, Shane Williams, who was acquitted of the murder of Clive “Lizard” Williams will be going on trial for a second murder case.

Shane Williams is currently still behind bars despite being found not guilty of the murder of Lizard.

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Police sources told Urban Islandz that they have been investigating another murder case linked to Williams for quite some time now and has decided to charge Shane Williams.

“There were ongoing investigations into another murder for which I can’t divulge the details,” the source said. “But investigations lead us to Shane Williams and now he has been charged and will be going on trial.”

A trial date is not yet set, but a court hearing is scheduled for later this month.

Vybz Kartel and three of his four co-accused, Shawn “Storm” Campbell, André St John, and Kahira Jones, were all found guilty of Lizard’s murder.

The four men will be sentenced in the Home Circuit court in Kingston tomorrow.

They are facing a life sentence.

  • Realdeal

    Justice has been served. I hope the message is clear. Good lyricist. Bad decisions. Clean up me place. A one don must lef. Mr Clarendon. We do not live in a lawless society, regardless of stature. Out of many one people moving forward. Who next.

  • corene

    all who a talk bout kartel fi go a prison a wa happen to uno him sing him song them no body no influence children to do bad stuff so low him out!@!!!

  • stinger

    Yoww if he in jail his ass in jail look how much niggz in jail and being falsely accused

    • Ross Margarette

      That the story of black people’s life

  • Rian Brown

    Listen I believe guilty or not guilty kartel’s career is over even if was to win his appeal some people and some artist and some promoters would see him as a murderer and that would be a big problem because somr artist wouldn’t want to share the same stage as him and some people would boo him and the promotes know this and they wouldn’t promote his shows so bottom line his career is over and this is coming from me a fan of his music

    • 13Love

      Promotors dont see Jah Cure as a Rapist. If Vybz kartel had beat this case, he could be the most succesfull dancehall artist!

      • Torontoluv

        I agree with u! Like Ninja man said if they had come bk with a not guilty verdict, jamaica system would of been seen as a joke…. he has so many songs that are yet to be released. He would record 2, even 3 a day. Kartels music will always b heard and if hes out on appeal, theres gonna b alot of people wanted to work with him. Not everyone believes he killed him.

      • kirkbrigges

        That’s right Jamaican court system is fu—d up , u cannot make money in Jamaica , people down there don’t want to see u make it , its terrible, even the f…g judge.

      • Rian Brown

        I hope you are right

  • Bryan Isaac

    Jealousy the worse disease … Never understand how you hate one of your brothers cause their succeeded … Sad case with people commenting (p.s we all know everything a set up) bun bad mind !!!!

    • Ross Margarette

      4 real it’s a set up but these weak mind hates don’t see that so f–k the jamaican police force f–k the jamaican government f–k the judge and f–k the haters they are the ones going to hell

      • Bryan Isaac

        I wouldn’t judge them we are not God but .. We all know what happens you do evil to others they will all see judgement one day

      • Ross Margarette

        My man

  • primo ny

    We all know they getting life, more and more Kartel bad behavior reveals. And his in denial fans will lighten their darkness. Kartel is a wolf in sheep clothing.

  • primo ny

    This kartel thing too drawn out, sentence the murderers them and lets forget about them.

    • Rian Brown

      He won’t be forgotten he is a part of dancehall history now and forever love or hate him

      • primo ny

        And he will also known a convict,

    • winstondonald

      You are correct.

    • Burn gaza

      Lol a dat mi say too 25 years fi daddy devil

      • primo ny

        Him just get life, and him still have more cases.

  • Burn gaza

    Lol lock him up all dem devil boy fi deh a jail no devil god we say

    • Gaza mi say

      The devil is not only in satan stand up inna you only the ppl dem wa go a hell can have so much hate. Bout burn gaza dwl

    • Gaza Str88888

      Go su– yuh madda

    • Rian Brown

      I don’t know if he is guilty or not guilty but if he is he will be judged on his death bed

  • Blackbeauty_1

    Well I guess in the end there is always a harsh price to pay for committing extra serious crimes.