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Tommy Lee Sparta Gets Scorpion Face Tattoo [PHOTO]

Tommy Lee Sparta Face Tattoo pic

Tommy Lee Sparta joins the face tattoo club.

The current generation of dancehall artistes continues to push shock value to a whole new level.

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Guzu Musiq deejay Tommy Lee Sparta recently paid a visit to his tattoo artistes and emerged with a scorpion and the word “Gravity” tattooed on the right side of his face.

Tommy Lee Face Tattoo

Tommy Lee fans are already weighing in on the tattoo on social media, with some calling him confused.

Tommy Lee tattoo pic

Share your thoughts on Tommy Lee face tattoo in comments below.

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  • Tweley

    Monkey see monkey do.

    • tyrese_sparta

      who de monkey a follow

      • mr. curruption

        tweley big cunt mumma

  • NYC one

    Bwoy Tommy Lee better beat his scamming case .

  • Belize


  • primo ny

    What is there to say? It don’t even make sense to say anything. Money mess up the youths them minds. Some will support it , some don’t care. Just pray for this generation and those to come.

  • Sheals Sweets Smith

    All i care about is the damn tattoo artist that mothaf—a is goood!!

  • Cher Cher

    love it scorpio all the way

  • Rian Brown

    Whatever makes him happy

  • Harold123

    Why “gravity” though what does it mean to him

    • Damion

      Vybez Kartel song we nuh gravity

  • Hackeem Williams

    Sick!!!! The New world boss…

  • tyrese_sparta

    Tommy Lee Sparta joins the face tattoo club.
    he had tattoo in his already >_>

  • tyrese_sparta

    mad tattoo #goodlook

  • Leo Sapling

    He already had face tattoos before this one

  • Uprising

    He looks so weird…his eyes tells a thousand evil stories…I wonder if he’s gay or trans…just thinking/saying!!!??

  • cloud9

    Out of all places on his face smh. I love tattoos, I have 9, one is even on my lady part…. but on the face whyyyyyyyy

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