You won’t go to a street dance and see a woman giving a man a wine. Instead you will see folks jumping off sound system speaker boxes and tall ladders like in the above photo.

This dance should be called “I can fly on your vagina.”

The female laying on the ground look like she was bracing for impact.

But if you observe closely someone else is climbing up the ladder to pull off the same stunt/dance.

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  • Uprising

    Bless dem souls, true majority of dem dont work neither read and have minimal education

  • tenchu

    This is old AF

  • They need a new dance; go home and read a book.

  • Joey11203

    That is old and that is not Jamaica.. Da yute deh come from Barbados or Bahamas…

    • dadliscene

      yes it is old and he is actually from Antigua

  • shasyl

    out of order thing this

  • Worldboss Christopher Marshall

    Only in Jamaica

  • TheRealSage

    Seriously it breaks my heart that dancehall seems to define Jamaica today. As a young African, conscious Jamaicans messages made me a man of integrity and pride, and before the internet,I really thought the Island was an example for black people around the world to emulate into the new millennium. This is just heartbreaking.

  • Dudchen

    mi a laugh wey mi si dem gyal get the pu–y bone blodclaat broken.

  • whiz brand

    another new f#ckry??? Building block in face, piss like dawg and now fly like birds??? How so shameful…

  • Akmed B Koroma

    Ah new dance in jamaica

  • [email protected]

    Big YaAd, Jamaica, Xaymaca, JAH make ya….all of you need a fukkin chill.,..NOW…first “walk like a dog” wtf… this WTF

  • this me

    these girls bodies are gonna be beat up

  • Yardie

    LOL this ish is too funny. watch di man dem stand up a look and a laugh.